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Stavebnictví a interiér

Stavebnictví a interiér (Construction & Interior) is predominately intent on properties of building materials and the processing of those at building as well. There are Pointed up Thematic Domains in every edition of the periodical which are concerned in using, planning ang designing of building materials associated with the thematic domains. That way all kinds of bulding materials are described, no matter how big or of how kind is the building they are build into − from family houses up until edifice projects at all stages of construction and from carcassing up until finishing woks. The periodical Construction & Interior is distributed predominately through the post-off directly to addresses of readers, less through press disributors round all the Czech Republic. An english summary at the end is intended for non-Czech speaking interested persons. Professional level is oriented on architets, planners, designers, building contractors, developers, investors etc. However, editor's effort is the periodical to be intelligible to all general public interested in building as handymen and self-help promoters. Construction & Interior has gained from its origin in 1993 an important position and popularty among readers. At the same time with printed periodical, the full-value Internet version of Construction & Interior is published at address details

Stavebnictví a interiér as it looked in 1997 → 2021

Stavební technika

The bimonthlys STAVEBNÍ TECHNIKA (Construction Technique) has been publishing since 2002. The newest information from the field of building and earth-moving machines, building material machines, constriction vehicles as well as building tools, construction equipment, frameworks and scaffoldings e.t.c. takes up the main part if its content. Presentation of producers, distributors and also news about important Czech and international exhibition and other events are significantly included here as well. In the same time a related framework legislation does not miss. Construction Technique is intended for readers from building and mining firms, further for building offices, municipal services, building material producers, teachers and students of special and high schools and universities. But editor's effort is the periodical to be intelligible to all interested people from general public. At the same time with printed periodical, the full-value Internet version of Construction Technique is published at address details

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Stavební technika as it looked in 2003 → 2021

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